Monday, October 26, 2009

Pelosi puts lipstick on the pig ...

Presenting, the shiny new (but the same) 'competitive' option.

"When people think of the public option, public is being misrepresented, that this is being paid for with their public dollars." -Nancy Pelosi

Riiiiiiiight ... Since when has the US government operated any program at a profit? The US Postal Service? The government provided the USPS with a monopoly, and still they can't break even. Amtrak? No, not close. Still looking for a truly self-funded government-run program.

Here is a tip, Nancy... If you want to introduce competition to the health care market, remove the regulations that currently prevent the market from behaving competitively. Specifically, allow health insurance providers to sell insurance across state lines.

The idea that the Obama adminstration and Congress are even remotely interested in creating a more 'competitive' marketplace is laughable. They might label it as such to sell what they are pushing, but I, for one, ain't buying it ... Dang - maybe I don't have a choice.

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