Friday, May 7, 2010

'Los Suns' Protest Arizona Law

On Wednesday (Cinco de Mayo), The Phoenix Suns basketball team wore their "Los Suns" jerseys during Game 2 of the NBA Western Conference semifinals to show solidarity with Latinos protesting Arizona's new immigration law. 

Suns General Manager Steve Kerr went so far as to play the Nazi card ...
“It’s hard to imagine in this country that we have to produce papers, It rings up images of Nazi Germany.” 

Presumably, "Los Suns" allowed fans to attend the game without tickets.  After all, it would have been insensitive to request to see the tickets of any fans.  So, these "undocumented ticket-holders" must have been allowed into the game, provided with free drink, food and seats, paid for by the "documented ticket-holders".

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