Saturday, December 4, 2010

Curtis Got Slapped ...

A child named Curtis Bowen © was allegedly slapped by his teacher at Martin Luther King Jr., Elementary School.  In response, his mother, Lisa Henry Bowen © wrote a racially charged 40-page letter of demands for reparations.

This site shows most of the 40-page letter.  

To start things off, Ms. Bowen © presents a bill, payable by money order or silver coinage, for $250,000.  She uses some basic math to arrive at that figure.

"Curtis Bowen © has a million dollar face, and I've always told him so.  Curtis Bowen © is my sovereign property and belongs to me, according to God's laws, the Common Law ... Curtis Bowen © demonstrated for me how Ms. Curry slapped him and it appears, by his demonstration, she slapped 1/4 of his face."

The 14 page list of demands that follows ranges from merely ridiculous ...
  - Annual trips to Disneyland
  - An audience with the President
  - A $15,000 per month consulting job for Ms. Bowen ©

... to entirely insane
  - No H.A.A.R.P. signals used to "... make us confused, crazy, stupid ... "
  - No "mind control tactics ... "
  - No "... "mysterious deaths" in an effort to avoid paying us"

You have to read the whole thing to fully appreciate the magnitude of the madness required to write this manifesto.

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