Monday, February 1, 2010

Deficit of Trust

Just three words from Obama's State of the Union sum up all one needs to know about the ambitions of the current administration.  Obama's complaint about the 'deficit of trust' clearly illustrate his worldview in which people should trust a government that clearly does not trust them.  

This point is articulated very well here.  
"It’s madness to entertain complaints about your lack of trust from someone who believes the citizens of America have too much control over their lives and fortunes.  A just government respects the deficit of trust between free men and the politicians they grudgingly empower to maintain order."

Conservatives should be picking up on this theme and using it to shine a light on Obama's view of the proper role of government in the lives of people.  I expect (or at least hope) that the 'deficit of trust' becomes a major theme of the 2010 election season.

The phrase is reminiscent of Obama's 'spread the wealth around' comments to Joe the plumber during the 2008 campaign.  In both cases, Obama unwittingly reveals his 'true self'.  He's not the centrist that the mainstream media pretend him to be.

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